Who am I?


I am totally addicted for the past few days in reading other people blogs! Its like reading a book that never ends! With so many chapters of various subjects that you never get tired or bored  of reading them.  After reading so many of so many wonderful people what I realised was that I didn’t give an introduction to who I am!  Usually thats the first post that people post..what they are going to write and why they are here..etc etc…

So forgive me if mine is coming late.

I’m Ami. I’m a student studying in India. What is that I study?…. Mathematics (which I love…but my friends call it “merciless maths”), Chemistry ( for me its “Claustrophobic Chemistry…honestly! My relationship is awful with this particular subject) and Physics ( I particularly am fascinated by Quantum Physics…My idols are physicists ).

I have always loved writing. Its one of the things I somehow feel am indebted to because it has helped me so much throughout the years. I’m 17 years old and I have accumulated about 10 thick diaries of my own…I’m currently on my 11th one! What do I write about you ask ? A lot of things. A lot has happened in my life which I will tell you in my future posts. Sometimes I’ll give you extracts to read of my diary…because I do believe that people can relate. And if I help only one person out there in the internet…I’ll be the happiest being on earth! ( Do tell me though or else how will I know!)

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. Quite an avid reader here. So maybe time to time you’ll see some book reviews popping up…because my book hangovers last exceptionally long.

I’ll tell you about lovely things that I come upon from time to time. I love Pinterest and am a 24/7 Pinner (is that a thing?). I’m crazy for stationary and whenever Zoella does a stationary haul my parents howl like anything  (but I’m not a snob..I swear!)

I love the smell of hot coffee and the smell of dirt after it rains( have you ever smelt it? ).

I’m small girl with big dreams and hopes. I am a optimist which sometimes leads me to some confusing situations. I want to give my readers the message that each and every one of us is magical. We do not know how much potential we have inside us. I once read somewhere that WE ALL want magical solutions to every problem in this world but we refuse to believe in magic. How true it is!

So believe in the magic in you. Don’t question yourself. Go for it.

I hope I’ve not bored you with my rambling. Thats me though….in a concise form.

Tell me if you also relate to some of these things? ( I especially want to know if anybody likes the smell of Mother Earth after it rains..or is it me thats just crazy ).

Rest to come very soon. Can I end with a quote if you’re not too tired? You’ll love it, I promise…

“Start by doing the necessary, then the possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible !” 

-St. Francis of Assisi

A lovely dream

I was first introduced to these lines by a very close friend of mine. Her late father, in his book “Neural Networks : A classroom Approach” has finished the book with these beautiful lines. I fell in love with these lines the moment I heard them. I dreamt that night that I, in the dead of the night wearing a glistening silverly dress (I don’t of course want to give you an image of a ghost…I shudder when I think of those things) not looking exceptionally beautiful but somehow had an element of contentment in my heart. And I had walked miles and miles and yet, I saw a pathway that stretched to infinity. But somehow I wasn’t exhausted. I was feeling excited to move on …move into the future.

The next morning when I woke up I realised that after a long time I did not have a nightmare of my past. That after a long time my dreams were something I would enjoy. After a long time I was inspired from my dreams and that was one of the best feelings I ever felt.

Thank you so much for reading!