A Cold Journey In The Woods

My dress is torn and my shoes are worn,  On my body blood is frozen and cold, I keep on going  because I have no where to go. I don't want to look up, because when I do, it seems like, Hot stars are giving me cold stares, as if they were mocking my sail. The moon… Continue reading A Cold Journey In The Woods


Overcoming Our Obstacles

What I have learnt till now is that everybody is fighting their own battle. You are fighting your own from your worst demons, yes. But hey, so are the ones who are horrible to you. They have their own nightmares and dragons to fight. The point being, it’s very easy to gossip and make rumours… Continue reading Overcoming Our Obstacles

Who am I?

  I'm Ami. I'm a student studying in India. What is that I study?.... Mathematics (which I love...but my friends call it "merciless maths"), Chemistry ( for me its "Claustrophobic Chemistry...honestly! My relationship is awful with this particular subject) and Physics ( I particularly am fascinated by Quantum Physics...My idols are physicists ). I have… Continue reading Who am I?